Sunday, March 18, 2012

Plan C?

How many lettera of the alphabet are there?

Plan A made no sense to me. I could get it together and it would look like the picture but fit like crap.


and what is my number one rule? If i don't like it, you don't get to wear it. You don't even get to see it. If I am ashamed for a project to be seen in public, it goes in the rag bag!

Plan B
Plan B was to marry two different patterns to get the dress. Problem The first pattern is crap and the second pattern is high quality with a great fit. Hmmmm...... Not working out so good. I have worked with it for days trying different things and it isn't going to work. Maybe in a few years when I have more experience drafting my own patters this wouldn't be an issue. Right now it is.

How many letters are in the alphabet? I haven't failed until I give up. And I AINT giving up on this. Nope, not going to happen.

Good news?

I have a PLAN C.

Band news?

Plan C will have to wait until Tuesday. I'm out of drawing paper. Three feet wide and about 30 feet of the stuff will be a good start. I use a LOT of paper. My kids love it. They get it when I am done. I have many odd shaped art projects all over my house.

Sorry for taking so long. I want this dress to be something you are proud of and feel beautiful in. Not some old home made looking rag. I'm still working. Haven't forgotten. I promise.

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